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Duong Restaurant with the lovely Vietnamese name “nhà hàng Dương”

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Duong Restaurant with the lovely Vietnamese name “nhà hàng Dương”  Empty Duong Restaurant with the lovely Vietnamese name “nhà hàng Dương”

Bài gửi by quechi2019 Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:28 am

Duong’s Restaurant - The number one stopover destination for diners
In modern times, finding a place to meet the factors: good food, nice space and good service is no longer a luxury. In Hanoi, in any area, a district, whether it is suburban or central, you can find delicious and beautiful restaurants from food to space.
One of restaurants in Hanoi is known by both domestic and foreign cuisine, the name Duong Restaurant is no stranger. Duong Restaurant includes many restaurants in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City is Top Places for Vietnamese Food & Fine Dine. Top Restaurants Voted by Tripadvisor.
Duong Restaurant with the lovely Vietnamese name “nhà hàng Dương” is the best in the Hanoi restaurant now!

Duong Restaurant with the lovely Vietnamese name “nhà hàng Dương”  Duong110

Why choose our services?
Leading chef in Vietnam
Hoang Duong is one of the famous names in the culinary world that is known by many people. His passion, hard-working and ability to be a good chef were showcased on both Top Chef Vietnam and Ironchef Vietnam competitions.
He was one of 16 chefs to be invited to Top Chef Vietnam in 2014 where I finished at the 4th position. His showcase at Top Chef helps him to being sought out as a mentor for younger Vietnamese chefs. That is one of the top reasons why you should choose the service at Duong Restaurant.
Impressive dishes boldly traditional
At Duong's Restaurant, the dishes are soul-inspired by the chef making them become extraordinarily vivid, the familiar rustic dishes every day such as putting on a new outfit, lovely, gorgeous ... along with the way eye-catching, which is to create a strong impression in the hearts of customers.
The menu is rich and diverse, fresh food, full of folk, traditional and modern dishes, many different culinary features of the region: Hanoi, Saigon ... .along with the presentation style beautiful and impressive, as testament to the strictness of the cook with each of his dishes.
Impressive restaurant space
Image of Dutch people in every corner of the restaurant creates a cozy and luxurious space of the restaurant.
Come to Duong’s Restaurant, not only customers are satisfied with delicious food but also satisfied with the luxurious and bold space of the restaurant, not to blend into any restaurant.
Impressive service staff
You will feel that professional and impressive service staff, creating a feeling of closeness, confident will be satisfied when coming to Duong’s Restaurant.

Other services of Duong’s Restaurant
Besides the restaurant's food services, Duong’s Restaurant also has other services such as:
Open cooking class
At Duong's restaurant, Duong's cooking class is run by Vietnam's top celebrity chef, one of Hanoi's most talented and creative chefs. Chef Ocean has recently finished 3rd in Top Chef Vietnam and is also a regular on Iron Chef Vietnam.
Street food tour
Vietnam is famous for street food, and this makes street food tourism one of the most attractive tourist attractions for diners. On your journey, you'll stop by a number of restaurants and food stalls to sample a variety of local foods and drinks. These restaurants and food stalls are places that tourists often pass by because they are unsure about what a meal is. Your guide explains the ingredients that go into making each dish as well as the history and background behind the dish.
Contact us
Please contact us to choose for them the best food!
Tel: +84 24 3636 4567
Hotline: +84 24 2210 2299
NGO HUYEN 27 Ngo Huyen St., Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 36364567
MA MAY 101 Ma May St., Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 24 22102299
27 Dong Du St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 90160 2727


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